These Kitchen Appliances Must Be Cleaned With The Right Way

After cooking, then you just realize that your pan turned out to be burnt? Especially if the pot is your favorite pan. Actually, how to clean the burnt pan is quite easy, you know! Previously, as a precautionary measure, when cooking, make sure that the flame from your stove is not too large. Small or medium fire is enough. However, if it’s already charred, you can clean it using baking soda and water. Mix the two ingredients, apply evenly to the charred portion of the pan, and let stand a few moments. After that, you can wash it as usual until it’s clean. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out the recommended Subzero appliances.

Griddle and Teflon pan

If you have a new pan, you can get used to applying the back with cooking oil, just thin, so it doesn’t crust. This can also maintain the original color. Avoid soaking the pan for too long. If you use a skillet to cook thick and thick spices, rinse with water first and let it sit for a while until the spices soften, rinse with water first and let stand for a while until the spices soften, and are easy to clean as usual.

Knife and Scissors

After finishing using the knife, immediately wash thoroughly with running water then dry. Make sure you wipe it with a tissue or wipe it dry because a wet knife is more prone to rust. After that, place it on a special placemat to make it neat and out of reach of children. As with scissors, you should immediately wash as soon as it’s finished, dry and store well.

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