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You Should Know More About Rapin Application Development Method

You may think about the implementation of design and protopyping by professionals. However, you must also know another method of software development. Rapin Application Development (RAD) is a linear sequential software development process method. It emphasizes very short development cycles. This RAD model is an adaption of a linear sequential model. Rapid development is achieved with the use of a component-based construction approach. If we can understand the needs, the RAD process allows the development team to create a “complete functional system” in a very short period of time. It usually takes 60 to 90 days. Because it is used mainly in construction system applications.

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RAD is a software development process that emphasizes short and short development cycles. This model marries the waterfall model and component-based construction model. The following are the stages of this method.

The Business Modeling Stage

This can answer some questions, for instance, what information does control the business process? What information is obtained? Who got it? Who is the information for? Who will process it?

Data Modeling Stage

Information that is combined from business modeling is sorted into a set of data objects for which each object is identified and the relationship between these objects is determined.

Process Modeling Stage

The flow of information obtained in the data modeling process is processed in such a way as to support business functions. The process is created to add, modify, delete and or retrieve a data object.

Application Creation Stage

RAD can reuse existing program components if possible, or create components that can be used again if needed in the future. RAD is also assumed to use fourth generation techniques.

Testing and Substitution Phase

The RAD process emphasizes reuse which allows a reduction in overall test time, but the components must be tested and must be fully trained and integrated.

The RAD model is very appropriate for systems that have clear and complete needs, where there are components that can be reused in small-scale projects with short software development times.