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You Must Know These Things If You Undergo Rhinoplasty

    Nasal surgery or rhinoplasty is one of the plastic surgery procedures to repair or change the shape of the nose. Nasal surgery can be done based on health reasons or aesthetic reasons. You can do the research to gather more info about dr william portuese. You must know that plastic surgery must be performed only by a professional surgeon.

Nasal surgery is done by modifying the bones and cartilage in the nose, thereby improving the shape of the nose and harmony of the face. Nasal surgery is also done to repair broken nose bones due to injury and correct breathing disorders caused by abnormalities in the shape of the nose. The patient’s decision to carry out nose surgery is very personal. Make sure the patient knows and considers the benefits that can be achieved, as well as the risks and complications that might occur.

If nose surgery is performed for aesthetic reasons rather than health reasons, the patient should wait until the nasal cartilage is fully developed. For women, usually at the age of 15 years. Whereas in men, nasal cartilage may still grow to an older age. However, if a nose operation is performed on the grounds of a respiratory disorder, then the surgical procedure can be carried out since the patient is young.

Before undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, the patient will meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss the reasons and goals the patient wants to achieve through nose surgery.

The doctor will also explain in detail about the benefits that can be obtained, as well as the risks and complications that may occur after nose surgery. After the discussion phase, the doctor will give the consent form to be signed by the patient, to ensure that the patient fully understands the procedure and the risks or potential complications that might occur. Some things that need to be done before nose surgery include:

– You should avoid the consumption of medicine with ibuprofen ingredient for two weeks before and after you undergo surgery. This type of drug can slow the blood clotting process and increase the risk of postoperative bleeding.

– You may not smoke since cigarettes can slow down the healing process. Stop smoking 2-3 weeks before and after surgery.

– Patients may feel some side effects after nose surgery, such as pain, headache, and swelling of the face. Therefore, patients are encouraged to ask someone from family or friends to accompany him during the operation and deliver him home.