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These Are Tips To Prevent Electrical Short Circuit At Home During A Long Vacation

The number of cases of electrical short circuit that causes fires is a lesson for all of us to wisely prevent electrical short circuit during a long vacation http://www.lselectrician.com/. Electrical short circuit or short circuit is a connection with a very small electrical resistance which results in very large electricity. If not handled it can cause explosions and fires. The causes of the electrical short circuit are quite diverse, most often is human negligence. Connecting cables that are not in accordance with the applicable provisions, overloading loads, power lines peeling off and eventually causing the voltage lines to stick to neutral channels, is an example of the cause of electrical short circuit. In the meantime, you may call the best electrical services singapore if your electrical installation is damaged.

Here are tips to prevent electrical shortages at home:

1. Do not mess around or connect directly to security equipment both fuses and Mini Circuit Breakers (MCB). MCB is the main security of our house from fire due to short circuit. Therefore, call an experienced technician to take care of it and make sure to check the authenticity of the MCB used at home. Using a fake MCB is tantamount to being ready to lose your home.

2. Do not overload the plug, because it has the potential to cause excessive heat which can cause a fire. Let alone when the house is empty, when we are at home as much as possible try to use a socket with a variety of multiplug power plugs. Do not let the equipment plugged into a TV, stay in the socket for a long time.

3. Use quality electrical equipment, bearing the national standard logo or certification. Don’t get complacent about low prices but low quality.

4. For the safest precautions, as much as possible to ensure electricity in the home is turned off when we leave. This action is a fire prevention measure due to the safest electrical short circuit.

5. Submit to the official installation for new installations or add electrical installations in homes or buildings. Don’t try to take care of yourself. For maintenance, don’t forget to check to build electrical installations regularly, approximately after 10 years and then 5 years.