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Water Resistant in Watches

Along with the development of models and types of citizen watches for the market, we often see the slogan Water Resistant on watches. Usually, we find the word Water Resistant to the citizen watches for the original. For example, we find the word Water Resistant 5ATM on our watch plate. The higher the number, the citizen watches for men will be more resistant to the pressure caused by water. The unit used to indicate water pressure is Atmospheric (ATM), Bar and Meter (m). The calculation is 1 ATM = 1.01325 Bar = approximately 10m. Broadly speaking, the resistance level of the watch to the water pressure/water resistant level of the watch is as follows;

Water Resistant 5ATM / 5 bar / 50m; The watch is suitable for swimming in swimming pools and shallow waters. As well as light-scale water-related work, such as fishing. Not suitable to use for snorkeling or swimming too deep. Water Resistant 10ATM / 10 bar / 100m; The watch is suitable for snorkeling and other water-related sports. Not suitable for use for skin diving.