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This Is How To Paint A Scratched Car So It Becomes Shiny Again

Before you paint the car, it is necessary to replace the rusty parts of the car first so as not to damage the new paint. Remove the parts of the car that can be removed and installed easily. First sand the painted parts of the car to remove the old paint on the car. After sanding, clean all parts of the car that will be painted using alcohol or mineral water so that there is no oil attached to the car. Brush the surface of the car to be painted using rust resistant and start painting with the base color. Meanwhile, you may also hire the best auto detailing oceanside if you don’t have the time to paint your car by yourself.

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Painting Process

For the painting stage, mix the paint first using a thinner, not too runny and not too thick. To use this type of thick paint mix with thinner 1: 2 liters, 2 liters for thinning.

As for the use of watery paint, use a mixture of 1: 1 thinner to get good color in the car. After the paint mixing stage is finished, painting can begin.

After the parts of the car have been cleaned and painted with a basic color, clean the surface of the car to remove dust after the paint is dry. Spray car paint as desired with the procedural direction of car manufacturing

During the drying period, the car paint must be free of dust or touch so as not to damage the paint of your new car. Because not all paints can dry out in a few hours, there is also dry paint after 24 hours.

In this final stage, you can use varnish, to get good results. To use varnish mix with hardener components and spray it evenly, same as when painting. After that, dry again.

When the paint is completely dry, just wipe the entire surface of the car using sandpaper. Use car polish to make it look shinier, it is recommended to use hands. In the polishing step, care must be taken because it can damage the paint of your new car.