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SEPTEMBER 12, 2015

One that every Doll & Bear Artist,
Dealer and Collector will want to attend.
It will be our TENTH SHOW in this
area of NC and our FOURTH
in Salisbury. Our last Show here had the Civic Center jam-packed with Dolls, Toys and Accessories.

Exhibitor's and Collector's, you can click for HOTEL Info.


Attention Guys:

We will also have scale model cars, trucks,
tractors, GI Joe's and other toys.
Check details below.


*** SEPTEMBER 12, 2015 - SALISBURY, NC ***


Salisbury Civic Center
315 South Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
off East Innes Street
I-85 Exit 76
Northbound exit right, turn left
Southbound exit right, turn right
go a few blocks and turn left at McDonalds
Salisbury, NC

TIME: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Admission: Adults $6.00,
 ($5.00 with coupon)
children 12 & under free
Girl & Boy Scouts in uniform free.

Food available at a variety
of places within two blocks. 


We will have Antique to Modern Dolls and Accessories.



  We will have a great selection of Dolls, Furniture, Tea Sets and Accessories.

Take a good look at the collection
of Annette Himstedt's.
 We have sold a lot of them
but just acquired two more.

We've also have some Gunzel, 
Marie Osmond, Barbies, 
Ginny's, Madame Alexander's,
 Robin Woods, Linda Rick,
Precious Moments and many other dolls.

  You're sure to find something to add to your collection.

 The Madame Alexander Dolls 
consists of more than 250 dolls
from 8 inch to 21 inch.

collection was compiled over
a fifty year time period.
It has a rare Scarlett Bride,
a rare Elise with book,
First Lady Collection from
Martha Washington to
Jackie Kennedy, and
lots of
Gone With The Wind Characters,
adame Alexander herself,
as well as a
variety of others.

Some will be brought to
every Show. We will post the entire
Collection on this website so
look for the list. We will
ship them to you or bring one
to a show if you'd like
something in particular.

Most of these have never been
removed from their boxes and
come from a smoke-free,
animal-free home.

Oh, we just bought some
more Ginny Dolls. A few
pictured above left.



Van will have a large selection of Madame Alexanders,
Barbies and a big assortment of other name brand Dolls,
from brand new in the box to some Vintage ones.

You never know what he's going to pack into his trailer
and bring to a Show. He takes a large wall section and
then puts up shelving on top of the tables and packs
it full of everything you can imagine.

Check out his big variety.
He has so much "stuff" jam packed
in there you'll have to dig through
it several times at least.



Ken will have some trucks,
cars and other vehicles.

He will also have some
GI Joe's and other
"Boy Toys".

Check it out.


Deborah will have her fantastic and wonderful
that she designed, decorated and sewed.
These are out of this world creations.

Please DO NOT be confused because they are
displayed on Tyler Wentworth Dolls.
These are not factory made gowns in China.
She only uses the Tyler dolls to display
her own original gowns.

You will want to take a close look at the
delicate detail and workmanship in these
inspiring gowns. It is hard to find anything
to compare these to unless you found an
expert designer/seamtress who makes
original gowns for real ladies.

Gloria has acquired a number of these and
has even had Deborah make some custom gowns
for her from old Prom Dresses etc.

Stop. Look. Buy!



Randy does a great job
of restoring all types and
brands of vehicles such
as Tonka and Buddy L.

They look brand new
out of the box.
He does some amazing
and painstaking
detailed work.

Great pieces to add to
your collection or
model RR layout.



Christine is always a favorite hit
at our Shows.
She has some good Antique Dolls,
Antique Doll Clothes
and she makes some wonderful
Doll Hates out of antique fabrics.

Folks buy up her goodies by
the bags full so you will want
to visit Christine early to get
the "good stuff:.



Betty will be joining us
with a very fine
selection of quality
Antique and Vintage Dolls.

She will also have clothes that fit several sizes of Dolls.

She does restringing at our Shows, so
if you have any
Dolls that need a
little fixing up.

Stop by and visit Betty.
She is a real
Sweetheart of a person
and has been dealing with Dolls
for quite a few years.

She has some great items
on her tables.
I'm sure something
will catch your eye and
be going home with you.



Bonnie will be rejoining our group
after a short absence from doing shows.
She will have a large variety of Dolls
of all types, kinds and sizes.

Be sure to check out her selection of
Barbie's, Bratz, Ponies & Ty Beanies.
You may find just what you've been looking
for to add to your collection.



Regina always has a wonderful selection
of dolls and doll furniture.

She has done quite a few of our shows
over the years and always brings
a very nice collection.

You'll want to stop by and take a peek
at her great items.



Elaine will be bringing her lovely
individually handcrafted
Rocky Bottom Creations
of Bears and other Critters.
All of these are created and made by Elaine.

She may bring a few manufactured
Bears and Animals as well.

Her items are always so lovely,
cuddly and attractive.

Here's some of her Bears to the right.
To the upper left is a photo
from one of our 2013 Shows.

You'll certainly want to
take a peek at her creations.

She also takes orders
for custom work if there's
something you want in particular.



Filomena will be bringing a collection
of Antique Dolls & Accessories.

You never know what she may bring.
Sometimes she pulls a few dolls
from her personal collection and
adds them to the mix.

Stop by and say hi and be
sure to check out her Dolls.



Lucille will be joining us and bringing
a variety of dolls, bears, books and
various other related items.

She said its time to downsize so
she's starting to sell off her
personal collection.

Could be a hidden treasure here.



Pat will have Barbie Dolls, Ginny's,
Muffy Bears and a variety of
doll clothes.

She always has some great items.
Be sure and browse through her
tables. No telling what may be
tucked away there.


Spencer Doll Museum

The Spencer Doll Museum has been given
lots of dolls and accessories. Some are for
display in the Museum and some are to be
sold to help raise money to support the Museum.

They will have several tables stacked full
of a large variety of dolls for sale.
You will certainly want to take a look
at these items as there's no telling
what treasure may be hidden there.

All money from these sales will go to help
support the Museum so help them out.


Nancy R.

Nancy will have Collectible Vintage
Fashion Dolls.

She will also have One-Of-A-Kind
Handmade Art Dolls.

Be sure to check these out.


Nancy K.

Nancy will have Vintage Dolls,
Doll Furniture, Doll clothes
and Doll accessories.

No telling what you may find on
her tables so be sure and browse.



Karen will have a nice selection of
Vintage and New collectible dolls.

She always changes up what she
brings from show to show. She's
always buying and swapping out dolls
from her personal collection.

Be sure and visit her.



Jackie will have her cute little
one-of-a-kind babies that she makes.

She will also have some
OOAK clothes
and Vintage Dolls.

You'll want to browse her tables.
Be sure to check out
her little babies.







The Spencer Doll & Toy Museum
will have a table at the Show.
Stop buy and pick up a brochure and a
discount admission coupon.

After you visit the Doll Show you'll want
to take the time to visit the lovely
Spencer Doll and Toy Museum.

They have a great collection of Dolls,
doll accessories, furniture and other
doll related items.

Guys you won't be left out as they have
a collection of Model Trains, including an
operating layout. They also have a great
display of toy vehicles of all kinds.
Don't forget to look at the Cowboy items
we played with when we were young.

They're just a few minutes from the
Salisbury Civic Center.
They're at 108 Fourth Street
Spencer, NC 28159
which is across the street from the
NC Transportation Museum.



All items sold at our Shows are sold as collectibles for adults. They are not sold as, nor intended to be, toys for children, especially those twelve (12) and under.


It is possible from time to time to have to cancel a Show, or change the date, for some reason. If this ever happens, it will be posted on our Website. Always check here before traveling a long distance to a Show. Thank you for your support. 

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