Knight Southeastern Doll & Toy Shows
 in FL, KY, NC, SC, TN & VA


NOVEMBER 15, 2014

One that every Doll & Bear Artist,
Dealer and Collector will want to attend. It is in the midst of
all the popular attractions in
the Orlando area. Make this
your Doll Show & Mini Vacation Event of the year.


All of our "Regular" Vendors
who did the 2013 Show will be returning
for our 2014 Show. Some of our other
"Regulars" will be there as well.

We welcome Vendors who have
Dolls and Doll related items for sale.
They can be things you bought for resale
or your personal collection, or dolls or
doll items that you have made.
Please contact us.


Exhibitor's and Collector's, you can click for HOTEL Info.


*** NOVEMBER 15, 2014 - KISSIMMEE, FL ***

Ramada Inn Gateway
7470 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
US 192 West
Kissimmee, FL 34747

Take Exit 64 off I-4
and head toward Disney World
Main Entrance.

This hotel is designated as a
"Disney Good Neighbor Hotel"

One mile from
Walt Disney World Entrance
and just minutes from
SeaWorld Orlando,
LegoLand Florida,
Universal Orlando &
The Holy Land Experience

Enjoy the Doll & Bear Show
and an Orlando area vacation
all rolled into one.
Stay a few extra days and relax.



When you pass Disney on US 192 the Ramada is
one mile on the LEFT. It's a bit confusing as there
is also a Ramada on the right.

You want to make a LEFT TURN at the light in
front of the Ramada on your right.
Be sure you're in the far left lane.
When you make the turn, then you'll
want to be in the left lane and make
a U turn heading back toward the light.
Be in the right lane and turn onto the
frontage road on your right and the Ramada Gateway
will be past the steak house on the right.
You may be able to make a U-Turn
at the light if there's no sign posted.


Times 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Admission: Adults $6.00, children 12 & under free
Girl & Boy Scouts in uniform free.

The Hotel has a
great Deli right
next door to the Show.

The food is great and
the servings are plentiful.


Click HERE for Hotel Info to make your room reservations.


We will have Antique to Modern Dolls and Accessories.



Gloria will have a great selection of Dolls, Furniture, Tea Sets and Accessories.

Take a good look at her collection of Annette Himstedt's.
 She has sold a lot of them but just acquired two more.

She's also got some Gunzel, Brinn's, Marie Osmond, Barbies, 
Ginny's, Ashton Drake's, Madame Alexander's and others.

She will have an extremely large selection at this show, probably ten tables stacked full.

Some of her dolls are pictured to the left and right above and below.
This is just a small portion of her booth.
She has lots and lots to choose from.

Click HERE to print a coupon for
$5.00 OFF your purchase from Glo

You're sure to find something to add to your collection.

Who knows what she'll have Josh and I load into
the van and trailer.

She just added some more dolls FROM AN ESTATE
so there'll be some that haven't been to a show.

She's also added some from her personal collection as well.

In addition to the above,
she just acquired a collection

of Madame Alexander Dolls
(Feb. 2014)
that consists of
more than
225 dolls
from 8 inch to 21 inch ones.

collection was compiled over
a fifty year time period.
It has a rare Scarlett Bride,
a rare Elise with book,
First Lady Collection from
Martha Washington to
Jackie Kennedy, and
lots of Gone With The Wind Characters,
adame Alexander herself,
as well as a
variety of others.

Some will be brought to
every Show. We will post the entire
Collection on this website so
look for the list. We will
ship them to you or bring one
to a show if you'd like
something in particular.

Most of these have never been
removed from their boxes and
come from a smoke-free,
animal-free home.

Oh, she just bought some
more Ginny Dolls. A few
pictured above left.


Deborah will have her fantastic and wonderful
that she designed, decorated and sewed.
These are out of this world creations.

Please DO NOT be confused because they are
displayed on Tyler Wentworth Dolls.
These are not factory made gowns in China.
She only uses the Tyler dolls to display
her own original gowns.

You will want to take a close look at the
delicate detail and workmanship in these
inspiring gowns. It is hard to find anything
to compare these to unless you found an
expert designer/seamtress who makes
original gowns for real ladies.

Gloria has acquired a number of these and
has even had Deborah make some custom gowns
for her from old Prom Dresses etc.

Stop. Look. Buy!



Randy does a great job
of restoring all types and
brands of vehicles such
as Tonka and Buddy L.

They look brand new
out of the box.
He does some amazing
and painstaking
detailed work.

Great pieces to add to
your collection or
model RR layout.



Joyce has been selling
Dolls since 1977.

She carries a variety of dolls,
including but not limited to:

American BJD Dolls
Robert Tonner Dolls
Goodreau Dolls
Helen Kish Dolls
Lee Middleton Dolls
Berenguer Dolls and Kits

Antique & Vintage Dolls
Doll Supplies
Doll Clothes & Accessories
Doll Houses
Repairs and Restorations
and a lot more

You'll want to stop by and visit her
vast variety of Dolls and related items.
There's just no telling what she may
have at this Show.



Julie will be bringing a variety of
modern Dolls and Furniture.
She always has some great items
and they are reasonably priced.

She's been doing our Shows from
the "early days" and is a great
person to know and do business with.
You'll want to stop by and meet Julie
and take a look at her bountiful selection.



Judy will have her tables
jammed full of some
Antique to Modern Dolls.

She'll also have some
books and patterns.

She has done several of our
shows and always brings
a good variety. Stop by.



Sonja used to do our Shows in
NC and VA. She has moved to FL
and will be joining us at this Show.

She'll have a variety of Dolls
so you'll want to stop by and
visit with her.
She has been collecting a long time
so there's no telling what gem she
might have tucked away on her tables.



Lis will be bringing her charming
and unique Danish Pixie Dolls.
These are so cute and adorable
that everybody should own at
least one of them.

She will also have some
very nice German Dolls.
Lis truly carries some very
fine merchandise.

No telling what she'll load
up and bring so you'll
just have to stop by and browse
her tables.

These were a BIG HIT at our 2012
and 2013 Nashville Shows
as well as a lot of our other Shows.


Sid & Bonnie

Sid & Bonnie will have lots of great
Vintage Dolls.

They have a wonderful
of Shirley Temple Dolls for all
of you Shirley lovers out there.

Their tables are always
jam packed with great dolls
so check them out.


Gregg Ortiz

Gregg will be
a part of the 2014
Show. He was
a big hit at
our 2013 Show.

He will have some of his
fantastic creations and
some Artist Dolls by other
talented Artists.

You MUST stop by and visit with Gregg.
He's a very talented
Artist and a great person.

Check out his
tables for
some very nice items.

You can also
see Gregg at
our other
two Florida Shows
in Sarasota and Jacksonville.



All items sold at our Shows are sold as collectibles for adults. They are not sold as, nor intended to be, toys for children, especially those twelve (12) and under.


It is possible from time to time to have to cancel a Show, or change the date, for some reason. If this ever happens, it will be posted on our Website. Always check here before traveling a long distance to a Show. Thank you for your support. 

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