Month: January 2019

Simple Tips To Try Fasting

When you want to fast, make sure that you’re in good condition. Working and doing other activities when you’re fasting in a healthy condition is hard enough, so we suggest you not to do it if your health is not in its finest shape. Furthermore, you also need to eat foods that provide a lot of energy such as carbs and sweets. However, don’t eat that food too much in the morning or you won’t get the optimal benefits from fasting. Furthermore, if you still don’t know about the truth and the intermittent fasting myths, just try to learn more about it on the internet, and you’re good to go.

Aside from that, when you break your fast in the afternoon, we recommend you to eat foods that generate a lot of energy quickly for you. We recommend you sweet fruits, due to these natural foods help your digestive system to process the incoming food easily. On the other hand, we recommend you to drink warm water or tea first, so your digestive organs won’t be surprised when they have to process your foods after a whole day without eating.

Water Resistant in Watches

Along with the development of models and types of citizen watches for the market, we often see the slogan Water Resistant on watches. Usually, we find the word Water Resistant to the citizen watches for the original. For example, we find the word Water Resistant 5ATM on our watch plate. The higher the number, the citizen watches for men will be more resistant to the pressure caused by water. The unit used to indicate water pressure is Atmospheric (ATM), Bar and Meter (m). The calculation is 1 ATM = 1.01325 Bar = approximately 10m. Broadly speaking, the resistance level of the watch to the water pressure/water resistant level of the watch is as follows;

Water Resistant 5ATM / 5 bar / 50m; The watch is suitable for swimming in swimming pools and shallow waters. As well as light-scale water-related work, such as fishing. Not suitable to use for snorkeling or swimming too deep. Water Resistant 10ATM / 10 bar / 100m; The watch is suitable for snorkeling and other water-related sports. Not suitable for use for skin diving.

The Center of Spiritual Healing Temple

If you ever read an article that talks about the spiritual healing temple in Peru, now we suggest you to read this article as well. We provide an article that talk about the Ayahuasca Healings Sacred Valley. This article will tell you about the whole services that we offer if you want to join our spiritual healing programs. We have many variants for our spiritual healing programs.
There are many offers that you can choose one by one. We provide programs that were designed for the participants from the young age up to the elderly. For young people we have spiritual healing camp program, spiritual art camp program, spiritual canoe program, spiritual hiking program, spiritual learning program and the last one is spiritual singing program.
For the old people we will introduce our spiritual knitting programs, spiritual self development program and spiritual transcendent program. They can choose the best program that they think will help them in order to solve their problems.
Many of young people choose the spiritual healing camp program because they can learn about the ayahuasca history directly in the nature. They can also have a good quality time with other participants in the spiritual healing camp. They come from different places in Southeast America and even from Australia and Canada. In the spiritual healing camp they can make specific occasions in order to perform the ceremony for using the ayahuasca medicine.
For the old people the most favorite program is the spiritual transcendent program. In that program they will study more about spirituality and psychology. They will get to know better about the psychology theories and the methods of spiritual healing. In that program they will also prepare themselves for the death and get ready to overcome their fears of death. They will find a peaceful journey of their souls in the afterlife after they learn much information about the spiritual healing program.